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marched at the head of an army comprising 100 elephant*,
500 pairs of horses, 1,000 nobles riding in palanquins,
10,000 archers, 70.000 rockets, 12,000 matchlockiaen, and
30,000 infantry, and encamped on the east of Uttaramalliir on
S.S. 1523, Plava, Jyestha Łu 10, Sunday.*
Yacama was not frightened at the sight of this huge host.
He remembered his fathers victory over Matla Timma with his
12,000. Therefore, he advanced upon the enemy on horse-
back, accompanied by his brother, Singama riding on an
elephant with such intrepidity that even the Suljan, the
Grajapati and Vira Venkatapatiraya admired him. His friends*
brothers, relations and dependents followed him with
2,000 soldiers.
In the battle that ensued, the following chiefs were
1.    BalumUri Venkatappa.
2.    PfLsapati Krsnaniaraju,
3.    Muppalla Ragana.
4.    Gadepudii Ayyana.
n.    Ayyana, son of Yera Obnlendra.
6.    Pulagamu Kalayya,
7.    Maccarla Tiinmana,
8.    Ketireddi Tammana.
9.    Damerla Ltngana.
10.    Gona Tippana.
11.    Panjtila Vlrappa.
12.    Suru, sou of Divvale&dra.
t!3.   Itikela Eangana.
14:.   Sandinayani Venga.
15.    Panem Ramaraju,
16.    Durgamu Ped.d\i.
17.    LingamanenJ Nagana.
18.    Kalive Vengana.
19.    Cina CidambararSju,
20.    Vegriraja.
* Sunday, 31st May IfiOt A. D.